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[audio]Leaked Audio Recording of Bradley Manning's Statement to Military Court
On March 12, 2013 the Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) published the full, previously unreleased audio recording of Bradley Manning's statement to the military court in Ft. Meade about his motivations for leaking over 700,000 government documents to WikiLeaks.Read FPF's full blog post here: audio files are provided in mp3 and ogg format...
Keywords: Bradley Manning; WikiLeaks; whistleblower
Downloads: 131
[audio]Support WikiLeaks Interview on WAZU 90.7FM - Michael Perillo
Trip the Concentration host Josh Wills interviews Michael Perillo about local support in Peoria for WikiLeaks.
Keywords: WikiLeaks; Bradley Manning; Julian Assange
Downloads: 2
[audio]Support for WikiLeaks Interview on WAZU 90.7FM - Michael Perillo
Trip the Concentration host Josh Wills interviews Michael Perillo about local support in Peoria for WikiLeaks
Keywords: Wikileaks; Bradley Manning; Julian Assange
Downloads: 23
[movies]Free Bradley Manning - Oakland, CA - Sept. 16, 2010 - A. Mark Liiv
On Sept. 16, 2010, in Oakland, CA, Courage to Resist kicked off a nationwide campaign to support the legal defense of alleged whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning, accused of leaking combat video depicting the gunning down of Iraqi civilians and journalists to WikiLeaks. Featuring: * Daniel Ellsberg, former US military analyst who released the Pentagon Papers; * Ann Wright, former diplomat and US Army colonel who retired in protest against US military policy in 2003; and * Ray McGovern, former seni...
Keywords: Bradley Manning; WikiLeaks; Iraq; Afghanistan
Downloads: 105
[movies]Birgitta Jonsdottir on RT about Bradley Manning - RT
Birgitta Jonsdottir on RT about Bradley Manning trials and whistleblowing. 07/20/12
Keywords: Birgitta Jonsdottir; RT; Bradley Manning; whistleblowing
Downloads: 16
[audio]sojournertruthradio061212 - with Margaret Prescod
: We return to regularly scheduled programming with an update on the crisis in Syria with Elaine Hagopian, Syrian-American professor emeritus of Simmons College in Boston and political interviewer for Arabic Hour TV And Bradley Manning, a court has denied dismissal of charges against the Army Private. He is charged in the biggest leak of government secrets in US history which were revealed by WikiLeaks...
Keywords: Syria; Bradley Manning; prisons; women; justice
Downloads: 5
[audio]Bradley and Leaking like a Wiki - Telescape - David Cox
Two little bits of music about the general condition of human rights and the fate of the open mind in our increasingly draconian culture of silence and authority.
Keywords: telescape; David Cox; Bradley Manning; Wikileaks; music
Downloads: 19
[audio]RefusingToKill Segment 06/23/11
Our Refusing to Kill series is back with a focus on gay activist support for Bradley Manning who is accused of giving classified material to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
Keywords: Refusing to Kill; Bradley Manning; LGBT support
Downloads: 4
[audio]Sojournertruthradio 03/03/11 - with Margaret Prescod
This is a fund drive show of Sojourner Truth Radio with Margaret Prescod. It includes a discussion on the 22 new counts against Bradley Manning for allegedly transmitting classified documents to Wikileaks. Guest: Greg Mitchell from The Nation magazine. Greg has been blogging daily about Wikileaks. Listeners who pledge to support the station with their denotation chose from the Wileaks pack.
Keywords: WikiLeaks; Assange; Bradley Manning; The Nation
Downloads: 4
[audio]Let it Rip - Reba Rasbury
January 16, 2013 23 new Executive Orders, Bradley Manning, Leylines...scary news, and other stuff.
Keywords: Obama's Lies; Executive orders; Bradley Manning; Leylines
Downloads: 15
[audio]Bradley Manning, And Even The Queen Uses Zero Hours Contracts - Union Solidarity International
The news today is that Bradley Manning has been found innocent of "aiding the enemy", but guilty of a number of espionage charges that could see him face up to 130 years in prison. The US Government might see Manning as an enemy, but he did a great service to humanity by exposing the corruption and brutality in the foreign policy of the worlds' policeman. From overthrowing the democratically elected government of Allende in Chile and supporting Pinochet, right through to today's illegal wars and...
Keywords: Bradley Manning; whistleblowers; trade unions; labor unions
Downloads: 15
[movies]WikiRebels - Bosse Lindquist and Jesper Huor
In WikiRebels, Jesper Huor and Bosse Lindquist follow the organisation's development, from back when its founder Julian Assange was a teenager, hacking into the army's mainframe computers, up until the present. Along the way, the documentary recounts how WikiLeaks has posted millions of classified documents on the web and blown the whistle on everything from corrupt African presidents to swindling Swiss and Icelandic bankers...
Keywords: wikileaks; media; Julian Assange; censorship; Bradley Manning
Downloads: 1,684
Original Title: How Much Does it Cost to Save the World? What do MasterCard, Visa, Bank of America, Paypal and Western Union all have in common? They help you pay for what you want? Well, yes... that is unless you want to help WikiLeaks make the world a better place. To see the shocking details, please go to A screencast of the English version of recorded on 2012.07.06 has been added to the end of the original video.
Keywords: WikiLeaks; Jullian Assange; Bradley Manning; donate; whistleblower
Downloads: 1,300
[audio]Occupy_the_Airwaves_6_2_2013 - Occupy the Airwaves, Valley Free Radio
Occupy the Airwaves Covering the local, national and global Occupy Movement. 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton, MA Community Radio - Run by the Community / focus of thisshw: Bradley Manning trial, Springfield No One Leaves Town Meeting
Keywords: Occupy Wall Street; airwaves; Bradley Manning; No One Leaves
Downloads: 14
[audio]sojournertruthradio 06/23/11
What can anti-war activists glean from President Obamaâs speech on US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: we hear analysis of the speech from journalist Ivan Eland. Who is behind the investigation of the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, what are they after and why; we speak with Roxana Tynan, LANNEâs Deputy Director. For our weekly segment on the environment, Desmond DâSa, director of the South Africa based South Durban Community Environmental Alliance joins us...
Keywords: Bradley Manning; Afghanistan; Alliance For a New Economy; South Africa
Downloads: 11
[audio]Chase Madar "The Passion of Bradley Manning" - Radio Free Kansas
Following 30 min. of Free Speech Radio News, 27 Oct. 2012 Chase Madar's latest book, "The Passion of Bradley Manning: The story behind the suspect of the largest security breach in U.S. history" has been a best seller on many lists. Published by O R Books, 2012 located at: From the "Citizen Soldier" book review: [Excerpt] ... Madar's 140-page tour de force does not mollycoddle anyone's liberal sensibilities; if Manning's pre-trial detention by the ...
Keywords: war; peace; Bradley Manning; Chase Madar; radio; news; books; author
Downloads: 60
[audio]BITE358 - BOGGS
a lady swimming from Cuba , a cricket players wants to be top dog in Pakistan and all those medals
Keywords: North Korea; weight lifting; Pakistan; cricket; Assange; Bradley Manning
Downloads: 47
[movies]Birgitta Jonsdottir on Democracy NOW - Democracy Now!
Icelandic Lawmaker Birgitta Jónsdóttir on Challenging Gov’t Secrecy from Twitter to Bradley Manning, with extended interview on Criminalization of Cyber-Activists, Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond and others. They also talk about Iceland’s response to the banking crisis and about Iceland’s Pirate Party.
Keywords: Birgitta Jonsdottir; IMMI; Iceland; Bradley Manning; Jeremy Hammond
Downloads: 11
[audio]FC - Cut Off Privates, Become a Hero - 414 Project
Flashpoint Commentaries reflect the views of The 414 Project. Visit our website: for more information.
Keywords: 414 Project; Peter Heck; Flashpoint; Bradley Manning; Transgender; Manti Teo
Downloads: 6
[movies]Adrian Lamo at HOPE Conference July, 2010, NYC
Adrian Lamo appeared at the end of a panel discussion on snitches in politics at The Next HOPE conference, Pennsylvania Hotel, New York, New York, July, 2010. Lamo is best known as the person who turned in Wikileaks military whistleblower Bradley Manning to authorities. Early in 2010. Manning was arrested and remains in prison.
Keywords: Wikileaks; Adrian Lamo; Bradley Manning; The Next HOPE;
Downloads: 77
[audio]ST 7 19 13 Full Show - Sojourner Truth
Friday our weekly roundtable takes on the George Zimmerman verdict: the historic context, the national and international implications, what it says about race and criminal justice in the US.  And a military judge upholds the most serious charge against Bradley Manning, that of aiding the enemy.  Manning could face life in prison without parole.  Meanwhile Edward Snowden, another whistleblower not wanting the same fate as Manning has applied for asylum in Russia in exchange for not leaking mor...
Keywords: George Zimmerman; Trayvon Martin; Edward Snowden; Bradley Manning; Whistle blower
Downloads: 6
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Chase Madar on the Passion of Bradley Manning - David Swanson
Chase Madar discusses his new book "The Passion of Bradley Manning: The Story of the Suspect Behind the Largest Security Breach in U.S. History." Madar is a civil rights attorney. He writes for the London Review of Books, Le Monde diplomatique, the American Conservative, CounterPunch, and TomDispatch. He discusses with host David Swanson the voluminous information that Manning is accused of providing to Wikileaks and to us, and some of the startling insights it gives us into what our supposedly ...
Keywords: Chase Madar; David Swanson; Bradley Manning; Wikileaks; Whistleblowers
Downloads: 209
[audio]ST 7 31 13 Full Show - Sojourner Truth
Wednesday:  A verdict in the Bradley Manning trial.  Our guests include attorney Charles Swift, named one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the US; Gerry Condon a member of the Bradley Manning Support Network, and journalist Kevin Gosztola with Firedoglake.On July 31st a national and international action under the banner of “Hunger for Justice” in support of the California Prisoners Hunger Strikers and for Justice for Trayvon Martin will take place...
Keywords: Bradley Manning; Espionage Act; California Prisoner Hunger Strike
Downloads: 10
[audio]We Steal Secrets review - Ian Woolf
A review of the film "We Steal Secrets - the story of WikiLeaks" by Ian Woolf. More on Here's Why
Keywords: privacy; surveillance; Wikileaks; movie; review; Julian Assange; Bradley Manning; espionage
Downloads: 108
[unknown]United States vs Bradley Manning Official Transcripts - U.S. Army Military District of Washington
These zip files were obtained on June 30, 2014 from: FOIA request was submitted by Alexa O'Brien on January 9th, 2014.
Keywords: Bradley Manning; Chelsea Manning; Wikileaks; FOIA; US Army; Transcripts
Downloads: 6
[image]IMG_7311.web - Peg Hunter
OccupySF wishes Bradley Manning a happy 24th birthday.
Keywords: happy birthday; Free Bradley Manning; birthday cake; OWS; occupySF; occupy San Francisco; Bradley Manning; 99%; #occupy; march; rally
Downloads: 2
[image]IMG_7186.1.web - Peg Hunter
12/17/2011 - OccupySF marches in support of Bradley Manning.
Keywords: OccupySF; #occupy; march; rally; Bradley Manning; whistle blower; hero; occupy San Francisco; OWS; 99%; occupywallst; Free Bradley Manning
Downloads: 2
[image]IMG_7207.web - Peg Hunter
12/17/2011 - OccupySF marches in support of Bradley Manning.
Keywords: OccupySF; #occupy; march; rally; Bradley Manning; whistle blower; hero; occupy San Francisco; OWS; 99%; occupywallst; Free Bradley Manning
Downloads: 1
[image]IMG_7228.web - Peg Hunter

Keywords: OccupySF; #occupy; march; rally; Bradley Manning; whistle blower; hero; occupy San Francisco; OWS; 99%; occupywallst; Free Bradley Manning
Downloads: 2
[image]IMG_7234.web - Peg Hunter

Keywords: OccupySF; #occupy; march; rally; Bradley Manning; whistle blower; hero; occupy San Francisco; OWS; 99%; occupywallst; Free Bradley Manning
Downloads: 10
[image]IMG_7249.web - Peg Hunter
Scott Olsen, with green headband and neck brace, marches with fellow Iraq Veterans Against the War in support of Bradley Manning.
Keywords: Scott Olson; Iraq Veterans Against The War; OccupySF; #occupy; march; rally; Bradley Manning; whistle blower; hero; occupy San Francisco; OWS; 99%; occupywallst; Free Bradley Manning; Scott Olsen
Downloads: 1
[image]IMG_7272.1.web - Peg Hunter
Bradley Manning held high
Keywords: Guy Fawkes; SF Ferry Building; OWS; occupySF; occupy San Francisco; Bradley Manning; 99%; #occupy; march; rally
Downloads: 1
[audio]2011-03-03=Train CHUO 89.1 FM radio=Bradley Manning press conference support - Denis Rancourt
On June 2, 2011, CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa The Train ran and commented a press conference series of interviews in support of political prisoner Bradley Manning.
Keywords: Denis Rancourt; Train; CHUO; Bradley Manning; Wikileaks; press conference; Israel Lobby; civil rights
Downloads: 17
[image]IMG_7316.web - Peg Hunter

Keywords: OWS; occupySF; occupy San Francisco; Bradley Manning; 99%; #occupy; march; rally
Downloads: 2
[image]IMG_7317.1.web - Peg Hunter
Happy Birthday Bradley Manning.
Keywords: candle; birthday candle; OWS; occupySF; occupy San Francisco; Bradley Manning; 99%; #occupy; march; rally
Downloads: 3
[image]IMG_7261.web - Peg Hunter
Veterans for Peace
Keywords: Veterans for Peace; OWS; occupySF; occupy San Francisco; Bradley Manning; 99%; #occupy; march; rally
Downloads: 1
[audio]Brain Labor Report - 12-14-2011 Bradley Manning - Pogo
Deb Vanpoolen is our guest on Brain Labor Report - Labor radio 9-10 am exclusively at 89.5 FM community Radio. Also hear from Vermont worker's center who won healthcare for all in VT.
Keywords: Brain Labor Report; KSKQ; 89.5; Ashland; Bradley Manning; Single Payer; universal healthcare
Downloads: 14
[audio]2013 07 31 Uprising - Sonali Kolhatkar and Bipasha Shom
Daily Digest 07312013
Keywords: Grand Bargain; Obama; Scott Klinger; Bradley Manning; Rahul Mahajan; Ann Wright; Greg Mitchell
Downloads: 55
[audio]2013 07 30 Uprising - Sonali Kolhatkar and Bipasha Shom
Daily Digest 07302013
Keywords: Bradley Manning; Israel Palestine Peace Talks; Robert Jensen; War; John Horgan; Diana Buttu; Nathan Fuller
Downloads: 89
[audio]brain Labor Report 7-17-2013 - jason houk
Wes Brain is joined by Peace House member Herb Rothschild for an interview with Debra Vanpoolen. Debra is an artist, permaculturist and activist. Currently, Debra is taking on the role of courtroom artist, covering each day of the court martial of Bradley Manning. Manning stands accused of violating the Espionage Act and aiding the enemy for his actions by releasing a trove of classified files to the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks...
Keywords: brain; labor; report; kskq; 89.5; fm; ashland; oregon; bradley manning; deb vanpoolen
Downloads: 35
[audio]Brain Labor Report 12-28-11 - Jason Houk
We interview Deb Vanpoolen and Emery Way about the Occupy movement and Bradley Manning solidarity. Brain Labor Report is Southern Oregon's Labor Radio. Exclusively at KSKQ 89.5 FM in Ashland Oregon.
Keywords: Brain Labor Report; BLR; Bradley Manning; Occupy; KSKQ; 89.5 FM; Ashland; Oregon
Downloads: 35
[audio]Ciaron O Reilly (2011.05.15) - redjade
Ciaron O'Reilly speaks on NEAR FM (with others) 'Between The Lines' â NEAR FM, Dublin Ireland
Keywords: ciaron o'reilly; catholic worker; war; antiwar; anti-war; bradley manning; radio
Downloads: 82
[audio]Truthquake Radio 12-18-11 show 53
Alan Moore on the Bradley Manning Wikileaks case, a long look at the new webbot report of december 2011, clips from a clif high interview, compact fluorescent bulb legislation overturned. Truthquake broadcast 53 12-18-11 on 103.3 WXOJ in Northampton, MA. 8-10 pm Sunday nights. Listen live online at join the Truthquake Radio page on Facebook.
Keywords: Alan Moore; Bradley Manning; Wikileaks; webbot; clif high; compact fluorescent bulb; Truthquake; valley free radio
Downloads: 9
[movies]Free Private Manning - Portland Oregon Suprise Party 4.24.12 - Joe Anybody
Filmed on the steps of City HAll in Solidarity with Private Manning on 4.24.12
Keywords: Free Rrivate Manning; portland; Supise Manning; Joe Anybody; City Hall; Bradley Manning; 4.24.12; Military
Downloads: 35
[audio]TomCast for March 29, 2011: War and the Words - TomDispatch
Karen Greenberg, director of the NYU Center on Law and Security and author of 'The Least Worst Place: Guantanamo's First One Hundred Days,' talks about prison conditions in Guantanamo and the United States, prisoners' rights, and the significance of language in the practice of law.
Keywords: TomDispatch; Tom Engelhardt; Karen Greenberg; Timothy MacBain; Guantanamo; US justice system; prisoners' rights; torture; Bradley Manning
Downloads: 589
[audio]MindenkiJoga.2011.03.28 - redjade
'Mindenki Joga' on Budapest's Civil Radio 98fm - redjade show #027 to be posted at
Keywords: redjade; civil radio; mindenki joga; hungary; budapest; human rights; roma; gypsies; bradley manning
Downloads: 25
[audio]ABC Radio National - Big Ideas - The Most Dangerous Man in the World - Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Interview with Andrew Fowler, author of an unofficial biography of Julian Assange 'The Most Dangerous Man in the World'. ABC Description: "Paul Barclay speaks with Andrew Fowler, biographer of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Who is Assange, and what is he trying to achieve with his whistle-blowing? Is he a dangerous subversive, undermining national security? Or simply holding secretive governments to account for their actions?"
Keywords: Paul Barclay; ABC Radio National; Julian Assange; Wikileaks; United States; Bradley Manning; Secrecy; Censorship; Media; Jornalism
Downloads: 26
[audio]diffusion2013-06-24 - Diffusion Science Radio
We Reveal Crimes and squirrelsCrowd-funded SETI, brightness, creativity and aliens, and the final frontier reported by Ian Woolf.Review of the film "We Steal Secrets - the story of WikiLeaks" by Ian WoolfTim Baynes talks about the wonders of hibernation.Presented and produced by Ian Woolf
Keywords: science; Diffusion; We Steal Secrets; movie; wikileaks; Bradley manning; Julian Assange; SETI; creativity; solar sails
Downloads: 772
[audio]TomCast for January 19, 2012: Blood on Whose Hands? - TomDispatch
Chase Madar, a civil rights attorney, TomDispatch regular, and author of the upcoming book The Passion of Bradley Manning talks about the current legal status of Private First Class Manning and the possible strategies of his defense team.
Keywords: TomDispatch; TomCast; Tom Engelhardt; Timothy MacBain; Chase Madar; Bradley Manning; Wikileaks; trial; espionage act
Downloads: 1,728
[movies]Interview with Thomas Drake - bewareofyak
Interview with Thomas Drake July 19, 2012 Shortly after US v Pfc. Manning Article 39(a) Session
Keywords: 2012; whistleblower; Thomas Drake; interview; free speech; Bradley Manning; NSA; court martial; military trial
Downloads: 293
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